Become a Scooti Driver

Be your own boss!
Drive when you want, earn what you need.

When you drive with Scooti, you become part of our future-thinking network.

Earn money
Use your scooter to earn an income whenever you want. We pay our drivers weekly and aim to set the benchmark rates and rewards for scooter drivers.

Shot caller
Be your own boss and achieve work-life balance. Drive as much or as little as you wish.

Passengers with a rating of less than four stars are banned from the Scooti network, to ensure safe and friendly people on board your scooter.

Payments are made via credit card through the app, which means you will never worry about unpaid fares. Simply pick up passengers, deliver them to their destinations and we’ll take care of the rest.

Meet new and interesting people every day on board your scooter.

Help build a cleaner and greener community by reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions. Our friends at Fonzarelli electric scooters are also providing special rates and hire packages for Scooti drivers. Ask us how to get in touch.

You will receive turn-by-turn navigation, tools and tips to earn more and 24/7 support. Scooti will ensure that you are always in control.

How it works

Step 2
Book an appointment in our Scooti centre
Step 3
Obtain CPVV certification
Step 4
Receive confirmation of acceptance to Scooti network
Step 5
Download app and trip requests will start coming in
Step 6
Earn money and enjoy working for yourself!

Requirements for becoming a driver