Riding with Scooti

The best way to get from A to B, ASAP.

With Scooti, you will enjoy a ride that is safe, quick, cheaper, fun and more eco-friendly.

We only employ the best drivers, and we show you how to ride safely before you pile on. You’ll always wear a helmet, we’ve hairnets for your hygiene and we keep the relationship real: you rate our performance and we’ll rate yours.

We also have a special function on our app to let you know how much time and money you saved and your carbon footprint. Ride with one of our electric scooters to make your trip carbon neutral!

Refer your friends to Scooti and receive $10 off your next ride once they sign up. There is no ceiling to how many free rides you can receive. The more friends you refer, the more free rides you’ll receive!

How it works

Step 1
Download the app
Step 2
Learn how to safely ride with us
Step 3
Enter your pick up location and destination
Step 4
Enjoy the ride and rate your experience

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