5 phrases you'll need to know if you want to talk like a pro


If you’re new to motor scooters you might start hearing some words that you wouldn’t have come across before. Here’s your glossary to five common scooter terminology.

Pillion Passenger

What’s a pillion I hear you ask? It’s the padded seat on a scooter behind where the driver sits. So a passenger in this seat is a pillion passenger – makes sense. The word pillion originates from the Scottish Gaelic for “little rug”, used as the secondary seat for horseback riding. The name carried over into motorcycles and scooters.

Lane filtering

A key advantage for Scooti. Lane filtering is when a scooter rides through slow moving or stopped traffic, getting to the front of a line or lane, or at traffic lights. In Victoria, scooter drivers – where safe to do so – can lane filter at no more than 30km/h.

Top box

If it were a car it’d be the boot. Our Driver’s scooters all come with a small top box that can comfortably house a small handbag, laptop or small file.


Scooters used by Scooti Drivers must have a minimum engine capacity of 125CC, but just what exactly is a “CC”? It stands for Cubic Capacity and is the volume which is swept by the piston inside the engine’s cylinder. The higher the CC, the more powerful the engine.


Stands for Continuously Variable Transmission. All scooters have CVT. Put simply, it’s automatic transmission that seamlessly changes gears, making for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Matthew Feddersen