Meet our Driver, Dino


Dino has become a real celebrity here at Scooti following his appearance on multiple news channels in Victoria, scooting around Southbank. When he is isn’t driving a Scooti, he’s driving a scooter.
Dino’s passion for scooters is what drew him to become a Scooti Driver. Once he heard about a scooter ride-share on the radio he decided he would get on board, telling us that he “wanted to be part of something different”.

Dino’s a born and bred Melbournian, making it his mission to immerse himself in the culture, arts and sports of Melbourne. He knows just about every street there is and the quickest way to get people around the CBD.

Apart from being a Scooti Driver, Dino also teachers maths and science, as well as running his own business as a consultant. Dino’s love of people and Melbourne is what makes him a pretty cool driver.

We hope you get to meet Dino next time you use Scooti!

Elsie El-asmar