Code of Conduct

The Victorian taxi and hire car industry provides commercial passenger services across the state and operates in an environment where there is a high level of trust, responsibility, accountability and customer service - which all parties need to be aware of.

This code of conduct is based on the values of Scooti Pty Ltd and sets out the standard(s) of behaviour expected between drivers, operators/licence holders and booking service providers and in the provision of quality taxi/hire car services to the public.

Business details

Scooti Pty Ltd

ACN 626 269 789

101 Commercial Road, South Yarra 3141

Business vision:

To create a safe, efficient and socially acceptable inner city ride share service utilizing motor scooters.

Business value: Responsible for Public/Personal Safety

Guiding Principle/Description:

● Safety is my biggest concern.

● I am conscious of driving professionally and maintaining a high standard of personal, passenger and public safety.

Standard of Behaviour:

● I adhere to relevant industry fatigue management guidelines.

● I undertake relevant vehicle safety checks and reporting any issues.

● I ensure passengers are pick up and set down safely and in a safe area.

● I drive in a safe manner and obey all roads rules.

Business value: Pride

Guiding Principle/Description:

● I take pride in the presentation of my Scooter and in my appearance and attitude.

Standard of Behaviour:

● I ensure that my Scooter is always clean and presentable.

● I am at all times appropriately attired in a clean and tidy clothes when working.

Business value: Honesty

Guiding Principle/Description:

● I am honest in my dealings with people and passengers.

Standard of Behaviour:

● I always take the most direct route (unless specified by the passenger).

● I always advise of any additional fees and charges.

● I use approved payment systems and process transactions correctly.

Business value: Respect

Guiding Principle/Description:

● I am respectful to all that I interact with during the course of my work.

Standard of Behaviour:

● I endeavour to understand and be sensitive to the needs of others.

Business value: Privacy

Guiding Principle/Description:

● I am aware that at times I may overhear or become aware of private passenger information.

Standard of Behaviour:

● I maintain privacy standards and never disclose or misuse private/confidential information I may have gained in the course of my work.

Business value: Deliver high standards of customer service

Guiding Principle/Description:

● I treat each customer as an individual and endeavour to meet or exceed their expectations.

Standard of Behaviour:

● I arrive on time, pleasantly greet my customers and provide reasonable assistance with luggage and other items.

● I never use a mobile phone whilst driving or engage in hands-free phone conversations when I have a passenger.

A failure to behave in the ways described in this code of conduct may result in remedial, disciplinary or other action being taken.

Breaches of the code of conduct:

Any breach of our Code of Conduct will result in immediate dismissal from the Scooti team. Any breach of our Safety Code will be investigated and if necessary, referred to the authorities.