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Door-to-door delivery on two wheels, with benefits:


Scooters don’t get stuck in congestion or need to find parking like a traditional courier on four (or more) wheels. Whether your parcel needs to go around the corner or around town, peak hour traffic isn’t a problem.


There’s no middle man. Book through the Scooti app and your job is placed directly with one of our Drivers, providing you with real-time tracking. All Scooti Drivers have passed criminal history checks to ensure your parcel is in safe hands.


Thanks to their manoeuvrability and agility our scooters don’t spend time stuck in traffic. As an on-demand service, we don’t charge any sign-up, administration or service fees; passing the savings directly on to you.


Sending one item? Sending once off? Not a problem! Simply book via the Scooti app and we’ll get on to it right away.

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