Need a Scooter?

Rent with Ridely; Only 20 scooters available so get in quick.

Ridely (Scooti’s in house rental partner) is offering short term and long term scooter rentals at a discounted price, drop into our headquarters at 101 Commercial Road, South Yarra to speak to our scooter rental experts today.

Rent from Ridely Scooter rentals our on-site partner, at a discounted rate. Book online here or call 1800-893-229

The first 20 renters get:

  • $25 per day rental 50% off our RRP 3-6 days 

  • ask in store about our other short/long term offers

**Must have a valid credit card for booking

101 Commercial Road, South Yarra
Open this Friday till 5pm, this Saturday 9am-1pm.

**Terms and conditions: Offer valid for first 20 renters. Ends this Saturday at 1pm.